Dos - Attrib Command (File Attributes)

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Dos - Attrib Command (File Attributes)


file attributes in DOS.

The attrib commands displays or changes file attributes.


Displays or changes file attributes.

ATTRIB [+R | -R] [+A | -A ] [+S | -S] [+H | -H] [+I | -I]
       [drive:][path][filename] [/S [/D] [/L]]

Options Description
+ Sets an attribute.
- Clears an attribute.
R Read-only file attribute.
A Archive file attribute.
S System file attribute.
H Hidden file attribute.
I Not content indexed file attribute.
[drive:][path][filename] Specifies a file or files for attrib to process.
/S Processes matching files in the current folder and all subfolders.
/D Processes folders as well.
/L Work on the attributes of the Symbolic Link versus the target of the Symbolic Link

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