DOS - Find Command

Card Puncher Data Processing

DOS - Find Command

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Card Puncher Data Processing
DOS - Filter Commands

in Dos. With the command redirection pipe character (|), a command filter is a command within a command that: reads the command's input (input stream), transforms the input, and then writes the...
Card Puncher Data Processing
Dos - Command

A command is: a Dos command (See below). of an utility. The DOS command are extended with management tools located in C:\Windows\System32...
Java Conceptuel Diagram
Java - (Jar|Java ARchive) File

JAR stands for Java ARchive and is file format born in 1996 as a simple extension of the popular ZIP archive format with class and other required resource files: manifest signature files images,...
J2ee Ear Structure
Java - Packaging, Archive, Library (JAR, WAR, EAR File)

For deployment purpose, J2EE applications are delivered and reside in Archive files (or unit). A RAR, WAR or EAR file is a standard JAR (.jar) file with a .war or .ear extension. Each archive extension...

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