1 - About

Begins localization of environment changes in a batch file.

Environment changes made after SETLOCAL has been issued are local to the batch file. ENDLOCAL must be issued to restore the previous settings. When the end of a batch script is reached, an implied ENDLOCAL is executed for any outstanding SETLOCAL commands issued by that batch script.

3 - Syntax

If Command Extensions are enabled SETLOCAL batch command accepts optional arguments.

These settings last until the matching ENDLOCAL command, regardless of their setting prior to the SETLOCAL command.

3.1 - extension

ENABLEEXTENSIONS / DISABLEEXTENSIONS: enable or disable command processor extensions. These arguments takes precedence over the CMD /E:ON or /E:OFF switches.

3.2 - delayed expansion

ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION / DISABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION: enable or disable delayed environment variable expansion. These arguments takes precedence over the CMD /V:ON or /V:OFF switches.

The SETLOCAL command will set the ERRORLEVEL value if given an argument. It will be zero if one of the two valid arguments is given and one otherwise.

4 - Example

You can use this in batch scripts to determine if the extensions are available, using the following technique:

SETLOCAL enableExtensions enableDelayedExpansion
IF ERRORLEVEL 1 echo Cannot enable delayed expansion&& exit /b 1

This works because on old versions of CMD.EXE, SETLOCAL does NOT set the ERRORLEVEL value. The VERIFY command with a bad argument initializes the ERRORLEVEL value to a non-zero value.

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