Background process

Process States


Background process have generally a low priority

The most known background process are services.


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Card Puncher Data Processing

A bot is just a fancy name for an application that: is running in the background. and performs some actions (ie is not waiting for the user but behave as a user). Crawler that are indexing your...
Process States
Command Argument

This page is argument of a command. When the command is started via a shell script (manual or automatic), the arguments: are separated by one or more blank space should be quoted if the value...
Scale Counter Graph
Counter - Collector

Metrics collector query and collects metrics in order to be able to send them to a metrics server Log Collector In a instrumented application, reporter are a client piece of code which: process...
Docker Daemon
Docker - Daemon - dockerd

The Docker daemon (dockerd) is the background process that the docker cli command is calling under the hood. It's a runtime for containers. a background service running on the host that manages...
Card Puncher Data Processing
How to run a docker image with example to create a container?

The run command creates: a container from an image running the docker host and calls the entrypoint script with the cmd values as arguments start To generate this message, Docker took...
Process States
OS - Process (Main Thread) / Program

OS A process is the first thread started (called the main thread). It's the only thread that is authorized to start a new threads. A process is a unit of resources, while a thread is a unit of: scheduling...
Process States
What is a Service?

A service is a process that: runs continuously in the background are started by the operating system when the system starts. It's declared and managed by the OS init system. With the init system,...

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