Process / Thread - Environment Variable

Process States


environment variable of a process (Os, application,…) called also System variables.

They are used mainly to configure the behavior of a process (installation, configuration, rule, …) and are part of the execution environment




Well known OS environment variables

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Setting up the SQLPATH environment variable in the windows environemnt tell to search the file in this directories. The startup files (login.sql,...) must be located in this directories. 1524210.1Bug:...
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Properties are key-value-pairs where Apache Ant tries to expand to value at runtime. The key name is case-sensitive. Properties: permit to customize a build process provide shortcuts for strings...
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The environment is the technical name for all the variables—and their values—that exist in the program at a given time. OS environment variable gives the environment for the whole process and therefore...
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Expansion is just a transformation (replacement, ...) applied to a syntax. Code is replaced / injected at runtime. An expansion is a rule or pattern that specifies how a certain input sequence (often...
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This page talks Environment variable in dockerfile. Docker variable expansion works the same than variable Environment variables are notated The syntax also supports a few of the standard...
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variable in Fitnesse In a page As an environment variable As java system property If you define the variable in the root page, they will be availble globally....

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