Process - Memory

1 - About

The Memory used by a process. (same as Process - address space ?)

Each process has its own virtual memory, which grows when the process requests more memory from the operating system, and shrinks when the process relinquishes unused memory.

3 - Type

3.1 - Shared

Shared memory is a method to share data between processes.

Both processes define the same memory area as shared, and they can then exchange information simply by writing into it.

This (used to be, and still is somewhat) faster than the alternative of sending network or pipe-based messages between processes.

4 - Property

4.1 - Size

You can think of the process memory size as the memory amount that the process has requested (or allocated) from the operating system, including reservations for its:

  • code,
  • stack,
  • data,
  • and memory pools (under program control).

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