Process - Resource

1 - About

Resource in a process context are part of the execution environment.

Resources are limited components required by a process to produce work.

A resource is thing that can be consumed on a limited fashion. A resources can be:

  • logical (or higher-level) - number of open connection or file
  • or physical (or low-level) - memory, cpu, …

3 - Management

3.1 - Monitoring

See Counter - Resource (Metrics)

4 - Type

Resources may be:

  • physical (or low-level)
  • logical (or higher-level)

4.1 - Physical

All physical server are material’s resources (CPUs, disks, busses, memory, network interfaces). They are called generally system metrics. See (Operating) System Metrics

Device resources from the Windows device manager:

4.2 - Logical


  • a database
  • or a microservice
  • Open File
  • Open connection

5 - List

  • Streams
  • Channels
  • pipe
  • file (open file)
  • directory
  • Registry key

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