What is a Resource (Metrics) ?

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A resource in the context of monitoring (hardware) is a component that has natural upper bounds.

They are hardware / machine resources and should not be confound with application resources

In a process context and in general, the term resource means what is limited. See resource.


The list is non-exhaustive:



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System Metrics
(Operating) System Metrics

This article is the resources Metrics of an OS (Operating System) Meaning that they will report on all physical server functional components (CPUs, disks, busses, ...). The primary metrics are: CPUs...
A web resource is the data of the web

This articles shows what a web resource is, how to access it and how it's defined. Web resources is also known as web content. The most known web resource is an html page with its CSS and Javascript but...
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Code Design - Resource

A resource may have two significations that depends of the context: context (non-finite - static) or context (finite - runtime) Resources are not (usually) code. They are not compiled, but...
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Computer Monitoring / Operational Intelligence / Real Time Monitoring

Computer Monitoring / Operational Intelligence / Real Time Monitoring Monitoring is the process of defining metrics and alerts in order to respond to a performance degradation where the acceptable level...
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Counter - Resources Metrics

This resource (counter|metrics) are usually expressed in the following terms: utilization: as a percent over a time interval. eg, “one disk is running at 90% utilization”. saturation: as a queue...
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Performance - (Throughput|Bandwidth|Transfer rate|Frequency)

Throughput is a performance metric showing the amount of data flow a system can support, measured by Example: hits per second, pages per second, and megabits of data per second. Improving...
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Performance - Load Metric (Capacity)

A load is the utilization over a period of time of a resource such as: a computer cpu a program (agents ) a harddisk To reduce the load, the most common technique is to implement a cache.
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Performance - Perf (Analysis|Management|Tuning) - bottlenecks identification

Performance analysis (aka Performance Management) aims to continuously: evaluate a server to determine whether or not it can deliver the level of performance that's required (the ability to handle a...
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Performance - Saturation (Wait Time|Queue Length)

Saturation is where a resource has more load than it can handle. It can be seen either as: the length of a request queue, or time spent waiting. as a queue length. eg, “the CPUs have an...
Device Manager Resources By Type
Process - Resource

Resource in a process context are part of the execution environment. Resources are limited components required by a process to produce work. A resource is thing that can be consumed on a limited fashion....

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