What is a Timer Monitoring Metrics?

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What is a Timer Monitoring Metrics?


A Timer is a metrics type that sends two values:

  • an integer: the count of events during the interval (to measure throughput)
  • a duration: the interval duration (to measure latency ie Total time / count).



  • we configure publishing at 10-second intervals
  • we saw 20 requests that each took 100ms.

Then for the first interval:

  • count = 10 seconds * (20 requests / 10 seconds) = 20 requests
  • total-time = 10 seconds * (20 * 100 ms / 10 seconds) = 2 seconds


  • Rate: total-time/count = 10 requests / second


Background Task

As a timer reports the total time, a timer may not send any record until the task is complete.


A timer may be calculated at intervals.



Timer timer = Timer
  .description("a description of what this timer does")

vertx.setPeriodic(1000, l -> {
  timer.record(() -> {
    // Running here some operation to monitor

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