Metrics Server

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Metrics Server


This page is about software that can store and visualize counter (metrics.


The collectors that sends data to a metrics server are:



The below database are specialized (or known to advertise) that they store efficiently metrics.

or any:

can also be a destination.


Ganglia (seems abandonned) is a scalable distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing systems such as clusters and Grids


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Counter - Collector

Metrics collector query and collects metrics in order to be able to send them to a metrics server Log Collector In a instrumented application, reporter are a client piece of code which: process...
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Counter - Reporter

A reporter is a collector that: runs in the instrumented application will collect the metrics at regulier interval from a registry send them to an output destination, mostly a backend metrics...
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Monitoring Platform

Monitoring platform provides one or more monitoring services such as: Metrics management Log management Trace Management and other monitoring service such as visualization and ticketing. They...
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Prometheus is a metrics monitoring system developed in Go. The architecture of a Prometheus System is: a server and one or more metrics exporter. Prometheus is an open source monitoring system developed...
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tool is a data logging and graphing system for metrics (performance data). tool refers to Round Robin Database tool. tool works with Round Robin Databases (s). It stores and retrieves data from them....
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Stastd is a network daemon that: runs on the Node.js platform listens for statistics, like counters and timers, sent over UDP or TCP and sends aggregates to one or more pluggable backend services...
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Time Serie - Graphite (Storage and Visualization)

Time Serie - Graphite (Storage and Visualization) Graphite is a metrics server software. It does two things: * Store metrics (numeric time-series data) * Render graphs of this data on demand The...
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What are Application Metrics? ie Perfcounter, Performance Metrics, Operational data, Monitoring, telemetry

This section is about the collection and calculation of metrics in a monitoring context known as observability.
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What are Log Collectors (Aggregators)?

A log collector will collect log file, optionally transform them and deliver them to one or more destination such as: a log server or metrics server Name Type Log to Log Log To Metrics Description...
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What are the Metrics / Counters of Linux ?

This page is about the Hardware / Resource Performance Metrics management. They helps monitor the Linux System.

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