Linux - (Hardware|Resource) Performance Monitoring Counters (Memory, Disk, CPU)


This page is about the management operating system metrics in the Linux System.


All command line tools are collector that collects and sends the metrics.

They may send them:

For instance:

  • for processes, the metrics are collected via the the proc file system. For instance, the /proc/swaps and /proc/meminfo files contain information about memory usage on your system.


Command Line

This section is about command line utility that sends the metrics by default to the terminal.



  • See Sysstat package
  • See perf package
  • Dstat is a versatile replacement for vmstat , iostat, netstat and ifstat. (Written in python)
  • ifstat(1), iftop(8), iostat(1), mpstat(1), netstat(1), nfsstat(1), nstat, vmstat(1), xosview(1)
ps -ef|grep <process> 


This section is about collector that sends the metrics to a backend server

Gui - The system monitor of the Gnome Desktop

To start it:

  • with the desktop GUI, System menu > Choose Administration > System Monitor option.
  • at the shell prompt, type the following command :

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