Linux - man (Manual, Help, Documentation)


To learn more about each command or to read a man page, use the man utility: For example, type

man ls 

at the shell prompt to read the help about the ls command.

See also:


man [section] command


  • section default to 1


The man page have a category.

man(1) means that man is a “general command” but man.conf(5) means that it's a documentation over “file format”

  • 1 - General Commands
  • 2 - System Calls
  • 3 - Subroutines
  • 4 - Special Files
  • 5 - File Formats
  • 6 - Games
  • 7 - Macros and Conventions
  • 8 - Maintenance Commands
  • 9 - Kernel Interface
  • n - New Commands

How to

Search all man page

man -k searchTerm

Example: All console documentation

man -k console*

To get a plain text version of a man page, without backspaces and underscores, try

man ls | col -b > ls.txt

Documentation / Reference

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