Java - Java Development Kit (JDK)


To create and compile Java applications, you need the full Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, Software Development Kit (J2SE SDK), formerly known as the Java Development Kit (JDK).


JDK Maintained by Description
OpenJDK Oracle previously Sun OpenJDK is the official Java SE reference implementation
HotSpot Oracle previously Sun
Correcto Amazon OpenJdk
JRockit Oracle previously BEA tested and certified build of OpenJDK

How to

Get it

To obtain the JDK:


  • Install once
jabba install [email protected]
jabba install [email protected]

And later switch to the desired runtime by executing:

jabba use [email protected] # OR jabba use g[email protected]



Install it

  • Download the bin (Self-Extracting Installation)
  • Make it executable
chmod +x jdk-6u18-linux-x64.bin
  • Change to the directory where you would like the files to be installed.
cd installDir
  • The Java Development Kit files are installed in a directory called jdk.6.0_<version> in the current directory.
./jdk-6u <version>-linux-x64.bin

Check it

To be able to check a JDK and to return a message to the user, you need to compile the main class with a lower jdk.

You need then to compile your source code differently. See Configuring compile to run twice

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