Vert.x - Launcher class

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The Vertx launcher is one of the two way to start an application

It is a launcher class that wraps the management of a vertx instance and the deployment of a main verticle.

It can be used:

This class is used as the main class and wrapped by:

Ide Configuration

Idea Run

For instance to run a verticle in IDEA, you would configure this run.

Vertx Launcher Idea Run


docs/apidocs/io/vertx/core/Launcher.html can be seen as a standard version of a main class


You may extends the launcher to execute code at some lifecycle endpoints (before/after creating a vertx, before/after verticle deployment)

See Vertx - Launcher extension (Custom launcher)



  • run - Start a Vert.x instance and deploy a verticle
  • start - Start a Vertx application in the background
  • stop - Stop a background application
  • list - List the background application


Vert.x - The launcher run command


java -jar my-verticle-fat.jar start --vertx-id=my-app-name


  • vertx-id : the application id, uses a random UUID if not set
  • java-opts : the Java Virtual Machine options, uses the JAVA_OPTS environment variable if not set. As the start command spawns a new process, the java options passed to the JVM are not propagated, so you must use java-opts to configure the JVM (-X, -D…​).
  • redirect-output : redirect the spawned process output and error streams to the parent process streams.


java -jar my-verticle-fat.jar stop my-app-name


java -jar my-verticle-fat.jar list

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