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Web - Log (Http log) in Vert.x

LoggerHandler is a handler which logs request information to the Vert.x logger.


Example with the DEFAULT LoggerFormat.

Vertx vertx = Vertx.vertx();
HttpServer httpServer = vertx.createHttpServer();
Router router = Router.router(vertx);

// The handler



Note: LoggerHandler is a static factory that returns the implementation LoggerHandlerImpl (code).

It support only three formats that are define via the LoggerFormat.

In version 4, you should be able to override the log method to add your own format. See issue


remote-client - - [timestamp] "method uri version" status content-length "referrer" "user-agent"

remote-client - method uri version status content-length duration ms

  • TINY
method uri status - content-length duration

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