Vert.x - Main Verticle

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A main verticle is a main entry verticle that deploys other verticle.


public class MainVerticle extends AbstractVerticle {

  public void start(Promise<Void> promise) {

    // You get the config from the command line
    JsonObject conf = config();
    // Deploy database verticle
    Promise<String> dbCompletionHandler = Promise.promise();
    vertx.deployVerticle(new DatabaseVerticle(), dbCompletionHandler);

    // On completion, deploy the http web server 
    // Note id is the deployment id
      id -> {

        Promise<String> httpVerticleDeployment = Promise.promise();
          new VerticleHttpServer(),

        return httpVerticleDeployment.future();

      }).setHandler(ar -> {   // <7>
      if (ar.succeeded()) {
      } else {;


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