Vert.x - vertx command line

1 - About

vertx is a command line utility tool that call the launcher class

This page is about the vertx client, for a vertx as an object instance, see the Vertx instance page

3 - Installation

You get it with the full distribution

4 - Usage

vertx --help

Usage: vertx [COMMAND] [OPTIONS] [arg...]

    bare      Creates a bare instance of vert.x.
    list      List vert.x applications
    resolve   Resolve the vert.x stack according to the content the stack
    run       Runs a verticle called <main-verticle> in its own instance of
    start     Start a vert.x application in background
    stop      Stop a vert.x application
    test      Runs a Vert.x Unit test called <test-verticle> in its own instance
              of vert.x.
    version   Displays the version.

Run 'vertx COMMAND --help' for more information on a command.


As the vertx command is a wrapper around the launcher class, see the page Vert.x - Launcher class for its commands

5 - FYI

The vertx.bat file looks like that

"%JAVA_EXE%" ^
  %JVM_OPTS% ^
  %JMX_OPTS% ^
  -Dvertx.cli.usage.prefix=vertx ^
  -Djava.util.logging.config.file="%VERTX_JUL_CONFIG%" ^
  -Dvertx.home="%VERTX_HOME%" ^
  -Dvertx.clusterManagerFactory="%VERTX_CLUSTERMANAGERFACTORY%" ^
  -classpath "%CLASSPATH%" ^
  io.vertx.core.Launcher ^

6 - Documentation

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