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Java - Rest with vertx

The problem

Many wrapper libraries (Rest, CDI, …) use a thread-local context so that the user-code method can look them up when executed.

In the case of RESTEasy, the context holds this information:

  • the current request,
  • response
  • and many other useful information

This works well where you have one thread per request, but stops working if the request:

  • spawns other threads (as is the case in many Reactive libraries, such as RxJava)
  • gets executed in other threads

because the context is not made available in this thread.

The solution are:


Rest Easy as Router

RESTEasy is this case is the router and you can't add a route without it which means that you server is only a rest server.

Reactive Context

reactive-contexts propagates the context to multi-thread allowing resteasy to work.

See also the Redpipe framework that is based in this idea.

Documentation / Reference

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