Jetty - Distribution


The jetty distribution


The home directory of the distribution is known as jetty-home.


File Structure

license-eplv10-aslv20.html (License file for Jetty)
README.txt                 (Useful getting started information)
VERSION.txt                (Release information)
bin/                       (Utility shell scripts to help run Jetty on Unix systems)
demo-base/                 (A Jetty base directory to run a Jetty server with demonstration webapps)
etc/                       (Directory for Jetty XML configuration files)
lib/                       (All the JAR files necessary to run Jetty)
logs/                      (Directory for request logs)
modules/                   (Directory of module definitions)
notice.html                (License information and exceptions)
resources/                 (Directory containing additional resources for classpath, activated via configuration)
start.ini                  (File containing the arguments that are added to the effective command line (modules, properties and XML configuration files)
start.jar                  (Jar that invokes Jetty - see also Running Jetty)
webapps/                   (Directory containing webapps that run under the default configuration of Jetty)

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