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the home directory defines the location of the jetty distribution, , its libs, default modules and default XML files (typically start.jar, lib, etc).


Set as property


or as environment variable JETTY_HOME

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Java Conceptuel Diagram
Jetty - Base

jetty.base is the jetty configuration directory. This is where the etc, webapps and start files will be looked for. If not found in jetty.base, they are looked for in jetty.home. A Jetty base directory...
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Jetty - Distribution

The jetty distribution The home directory of the distribution is known as jetty-home. Jetty Distribution Jetty-Home...
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Jetty - Project

Jetty - Project
Java Conceptuel Diagram
Jetty - Startup

Start of Jetty it is not recommended to run Jetty from the directory but from a separate {jetty.base} directory This will start the server on as usual from the current...

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