Java - Jetty (Web Server)

1 - About is a java web server

Jetty provides:

The Jetty Server is the plumbing between:

  • a collection of Connector that accept connections
  • and a collection of Handlers that
    • service requests from the connections
    • and produce responses,
  • with threads from a thread pool doing the work.

The job of configuring Jetty is building a tree of connectors and handlers and providing their individual configurations.

3 - Management

3.1 - Start

3.2 - Version

java -jar start.jar --version

Version history

3.3 - Client

Jetty has no GUI (Graphical User Interface) , so running the server and performing many configuration options is done from the command line. Jetty - Start.jar

3.4 - Maven Coordinates

The top level Project Object Model (POM) for the Jetty project is located under the following coordinates.


4 - Integration

5 - Documentation / Reference

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