Jetty - Conf

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Jetty - Conf


The job of configuring Jetty is building:



As Jetty components are simply Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs), you can accomplish this assembly and configuration of components by a variety of techniques:

  • In code, see the examples in the Jetty Source XRef.
  • Using Jetty XML, a dependency injection style in XML format.
  • With your dependency injection framework of choice, Spring or XBean.
  • Using Jetty WebApp and Context Deployers.


List the resolved configuration that will be used to start Jetty.

java -jar start.jar --list-config

The –list-config command displays a trove of information about the server including the Java and Jetty environments, the configuration order, any JVM arguments or System Properties set, general server properties, a full listing of the Jetty server class path, and active Jetty XML files.

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