HTTP - Client (User agents)

1 - About

Web - User Agent (UA) in HTTP.

An HTTP client in HTTP is also known as the user agents because user-agent is the name of a header field that identify the client.

3 - Id

HTTP identifies the client (ie user-agent_ using the user-agent header (even when the client is not operated by a user).

4 - List

  • every browser is an HTTP client.
  • Every web client is a HTTP client.
  • HTTP diagnostic tool are also client
  • postman

4.1 - Java

4.2 - Curl

URL - cURL (Client for URLs)

Call an host on a webserver without modifying the host file

curl --user-agent "Mozilla 5.0" -H "Host:"

4.3 - Httpie

  • Anaconda Prompt

pip install httpie

  • Then

http :8080/api/message

5 - Documentation / Reference

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