The HTTP specification is the true source of HTTP


The truth about the behavior that HTTP should show is defined in specifications.

This articles lists the most common specification. There is a time where their would more than what is listed but you known where to find the truth and if you read the whole specifications, you would no more need to come back on Internet searching for HTML knowlegde.


The really detailed story of HTTP can be found in this specifications.

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Valid Https
HTTP - HTTPS scheme (HTTP-over-TLS)

The https scheme represents HTTP-over-TLS HTTP is a application protocol (OSI level 7) that is build on TCP as transport layer (OSI level 3) HTTPS is essentially HTTP after the connection has been secured...
HTTP - Put Request

put is a value of the HTTP method header field. It's a attribute of a http request that can be used by the underlining server function. The exact meaning of the put value as given by the specification...
Http Status 304 Chrome Devtool
HTTP - Redirect (status codes 3xx) - Client must take additional action

The HTTP 3xx class of status code indicates that the client (user or user agent) must take additional action to complete the request. The redirect url is defined by the location header. A user agent...
HTTP - Status Code

The status code is the exit code of request returned to the client via the first line of a response. For example: a file not found error is a 404 code, a server error is equivalent to a 5xx code....
What are the HTTP status code 4XX?

All status code that begins with the number 4 are error code. Meaning that an error has occurred during the request and that the server may use any of this code to send feedback bad request parameters...

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