HTTP - Proxy


An HTTP proxy is a proxy that re-routes the HTTP message (request and response).

It sits between the client and the origin server.


There is two kinds of proxy but they are just the same application, they take an HTTP request and process it. They can:

  • forward (reroute),
  • cache,
  • authenticate,
  • filter,
  • secure
  • ..

The proxy type is just an indicator for the direction of the request.

if the request is coming from to the proxy is called
the intranet (or private process) internet a forward proxy
the internet a private host (service) a reverse proxy (Or gateway)


HTTP - Gateway (Reverse Proxy) - the proxy receive public network request. It is an intermediate between the client and a private network.

A load balancer is a reverse proxy that balance the traffic from an origin to different servers.


HTTP - Forward Proxy - the first job of a proxy server is to receive internal request and forward them as if it was the client. We say that it impersonates the original client.

It controls the internal request from the private network (intranet) to the public network (internet).




Proxy caches resource by reading only the following Cache-Control headers:

  • max-age,
  • s-maxage,
  • and private

The others will not influence proxy caching.


See gateway headers

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