Web - Client


In the web, a client is known as a user agent.

As the web is a stack of several technology, a web client is also at minimal:


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HTTP - Client (User agents)

in HTTP. An HTTP client in HTTP is also known as the user agents because user-agent is the name of a header field that identify the client. HTTP identifies the client (ie user-agent_ using the user-agent...
Web - Browser

A browser is a user agent. The figure shows some of the components you will find in a browser. To the left, there is the user interface. The browser needs a rendering engine to display pages, and...
Map Of Internet 1973
What is the WebSocket Protocol?

WebSocket is a protocol that provides full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection between: a web client (such as a browser) and a web server. with lower overheads, facilitating...

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