How to create JSX dynamically from Json


This article shows you how to create JSX dynamically from a Json object.

Because jsx is already an expression, you can create JSX from JSX and compose it as you wish.

The below demo will just print a list of article with:

  • their title
  • their description
  • and their link


The data

  • The data. A Json array object of articles with a title and a description that you may have fetched from a server.
function getJson(){
  return [
     title: "How to create Jsx dynamically",
     description: "This article shows you how to create Jsx dynamically from Json.",
     url: top.location.href
     title: "foobar",
     description: "foobar is a playful allusion to the World War II-era military slang FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Repair).",

A Minimal React Component

A Title component: A minimal function component that returns a minimal jsx

function Title(props) {
  return <h1>{props.title}</h1>;

The dynamic Jsx Component

This react function will loop over the data entry and creates the Jsx dynamically.

function App() {
  let json = getJson();
  /* Creation of the dynamic Jsx */
  let jsxDynamic =
     (element, index) => (
       <div key={index}>
         <Title  title={element.title}/>
         <p>{element.description} <a href={element.url}>More ...</a></p>
  return (
    <div> {/* Components must return a single root element. This is the why of the ''<div>'' (to contains all the Welcome elements) */}


A list of page web:

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