React - Forwarding Ref


The forwardRef function wraps a element to add to the props a ref that is generated by React.

This ref is called a forwarding ref because you pass it along to use it in one of its child components in order to get a ref on them.

By default:

You need to make the component forward ref aware. See addcreate


  • A component where we have added a ref as prop
const FancyButton = React.forwardRef((props, ref) => (
  <button ref={ref} className="FancyButton">
  • Create a ref and pass it to the button component in order to get access to the child button element
const ref = React.createRef();
const ClickMe = <FancyButton ref={ref}>Click me!</FancyButton>;
console.log("The ref is null before rendering");
  • Rendering
console.log("The ref is no more null after rendering");

console.log("And you can use it to change whatever you want");
ref.current.innerHTML="Text modified by a Forward Ref";
  • The standard mandatory “root” DOM node (placeholder for React DOM manipulation)
<div id="root"></div>


Add / Create

To add a ref as attribute, you encapsulate your component with the React.forwardRef function

const FancyButton = React.forwardRef((props, ref) => (
  <button ref={ref} className="FancyButton">

Set Name

In dev tool, to get a display name, set displayName

FancyButton.displayName = 'FancyButton'

How to create from a forwardRef a React element

A forward ref is just an element wrapper that adds automatically a ref.

You can therefore create a React Element the same way as any other element.

let forwardRefReactElement = <MyForwardRef ...props/>
  • In Pure React API Javascript:
let forwardRefReactElement =  React.createElement(MyForwardRef, props);

Documentation / Reference

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