How to catch exceptions/errors in React?

Deep Dive in Error Handling with React


This page is about exception handling In React.

When an non-catched javascript error occurs:

  • React remove its UI (ie stop rendering the tree) from the screen.
  • And show a special component known as error boundary 1) that:
    • catches the error
    • and lets you show an error message (known as fallback UI)


class ErrorBoundary extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = { hasError: false };

  static getDerivedStateFromError(error) {
    // Update state so the next render will show the fallback UI.
    return { hasError: true, message: error.message };

  componentDidCatch(error, info) {
    // Example "componentStack":
    //   in ComponentThatThrows (created by App)
    //   in ErrorBoundary (created by App)
    //   in div (created by App)
    //   in App
    // logErrorToMyService(error, info.componentStack);

  render() {
    if (this.state.hasError) {
      // You can render any custom fallback UI
      return this.props.fallback(this.state.message);

    return this.props.children;
  • The fallback component
function FallbackUI(message){
  return (
    <div style={{border: '1px solid red', padding: '1rem', borderRadius: '10px', width: 'max-content'}}>
      <p><b>Something went wrong!!.</b></p>
  • The component that throws an error
function ComponentWithError() {
  throw new Error('An error message from the component (ComponentWithError)')
  • The App component that ties all components together and that we will render
function App() {
  return (
    <ErrorBoundary fallback={FallbackUI}>
  • Result:


A error boundary component can only be written as class component or you can install the wrapper library react-error-boundary

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