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JSX is a Javascript HTML Like language that compiles to Javascript React API.

The first motivation of JSX is that reading and writing React elements, are easier.


It permits to:

Babel transpile (ie convert) JSX down to Javascript with React.createElement() calls. 1)

Example that you can run on the Babel online compiler playground

This JSX Script
const element = (
  <h1 className="greeting">
    Hello, world!
Becomes this Javascript
const element = React.createElement(
  {className: 'greeting'},
  'Hello, world!'

where: What is a React Element?

Pro / Cons

Pro: JSX:

const title = response.potentiallyMaliciousInput;
// This is safe:
const element = <h1>{title}</h1>;


  • It needs to be compiled


Multiple line

Multiple JSX lines should be wrap in parentheses to avoid automatic semicolon insertion


Because Jsx is an expression, you can:

  • use JSX inside if statements
  • use JSX inside for loops,
  • assign it to variables,
  • accept it as arguments,

Loop / Concatenate

For Loop
  • With a For loop, you feed an array that you put inside the JSX return expression
const items = []
for (const [index, value] of elements.entries()) {
  items.push(<input value={value} label={index} key={index} />)

return (
Map Loop


  • from an array
return (
    {, index) => {
        return <input value={value} label={index} key={index} />
  • from an object, you need to iterate over the keys with Object.keys function
    {Object.keys(elementsObject).map((key) => {
                return <input key={key} type="text" name={key} value={elementsObject[key]}/>

Return it from functions

function getGreeting(user) {
  if (user) {
    return <h1>Hello, {formatName(user)}!</h1>;
  return <h1>Hello, Stranger.</h1>;

Javascript expression

Any valid JavaScript expression can be written inside curly braces in JSX

   Hello, world! 
   { console.log("Javascript code is between {}") } 



  • Espace: {“\u00A0”}

Component Attribute

All Jsx attribute have a camelCase name in order to make a difference with html attribute:

  • class becomes className
  • tabindex becomes tabIndex

You should either use:

but not both in the same attribute.

const element = <div tabIndex="0"></div>;
const element = <img src={user.avatarUrl}></img>;


You declare the type with the JSX.Element

let inputElements: JSX.Element;

How to

How to render JSX in the browser

See How to render Jsx code in the browser

How to create JSX dynamically from Json

See How to create JSX dynamically from Json


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