Javascript - Transpiler (Transpiling)


A transpiler permits to take an expression that is not yet implemented in the target environment (browsers, node) and to generate code that mimic the same behavior.

Transpiling = transforming + compiling

It's used under the hood by a bundler in the transformation phase.



Node does not yet support ES module. If your code has an import statement (es module), the transpiler will transform it with a require instead

Browser API

All webapi feature are not fully supported by all browser. If your code uses a function that is not yet support, a transpiler could modify it or use a polyfill.

Browser CSS prefix (auto-prefixer)

To automatically add the prefixes

  • Gulp: gulp-autoprefixer
  • Grunt: grunt-autoprefixer


Most of the transpiler used the browserslist syntax to define the browser that should be supported


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