Web - (Hot|Live) (Edit|Reload) - Auto File Sync


Live reloading (ie File sync)

Browsers are automatically updated as you change HTML, CSS, images and other project files each time your make a change.




Example of what the basis is of a Live Reload server: https://github.com/1wheel/hot-server


Safe Write

To enable hot reloading, you need to disable safe write in your IDE. See https://webpack.github.io/docs/webpack-dev-server.html#working-with-editors-ides-supporting-safe-write

“Safe write” means changes are not written directly to original file but to temporary one instead, which is renamed and replaces original file when save operation is completed successfully. This behaviour causes file watcher to lose the track because the original file is removed. In order to prevent this issue, you have to disable “safe write” feature in your editor.

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