Javascript - Linter / Minification (EsLint / Tern / Uglify)


This page is about linter / minification in Javascript

Linter are used under the hood by bundler in the optimization phase.


Name Language Description
ESLint Javascript A linter (identifying and reporting on patterns found in your JavaScript code that helps you make your code more consistent and avoid bugs)
Uglify Javascript A JavaScript parser, minifier, compressor and beautifier toolkit
Tern Javascript
Google Closure compiler Java (Javascript not supported anymore 1) 2022 - still working (depends on Rhino 2)
Yahoo compressor (YUI) Java (abandoned last release 2013) Utilizes Rhino to parse code and shorten the results
dojo shrinksafe Java Utilizes Rhino to parse code and shorten the results
Jsmin C really simple algorithm, not optimized
Packer javascript (port: php / net / perl / wsh)
Minify go Js, html, css

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