Javascript - Rhino Engine

1 - About

Rhino is an open source engine implementation of JavaScript from the Mozilla Foundation that was the first JDK offering for JavaScript.

3 - Standalone

To run on Rhino, first download the Rhino JAR file from

java -jar js.jar -?

Usage: java [options...] [files]
Valid options are:
    -?, -help          Displays help messages.
    -w                 Enable warnings.
    -version 100|110|120|130|140|150|160|170|180
                       Set a specific language version.
    -opt [-1|0-9]      Set optimization level.
    -f script-filename Execute script file, or "-" for interactive.
    -e script-source   Evaluate inline script.
    -modules [uri]     Add a single path or URL element to the CommonJS
                       module search path. (implies -require)
    -require           Enable CommonJS module support.
    -sandbox           Enable CommonJS sandbox mode. (implies -require)
    -debug             Generate debug code.
    -strict            Enable strict mode warnings.
    -fatal-warnings    Treat warnings as errors.
    -encoding charset  Use specified character encoding as default when reading scripts.

4 - Bin for a scripts.js

  • Batch wrapper

@echo off
java -jar js.jar script.js %*

  • Linux/Mac

java -jar js.jar script.js "[email protected]"

5 - Gradle


dependencies {

6 - Documentation

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