How does typescript or your IDE find type declaration files (d.ts)?


This article explains to you how typescript or your ide will search for type declaration files.

At the end of this article, you should be able to resolve this kind of error:

TS2307: Cannot find module 'name' or its corresponding type declarations.

How it works?

For local libraries

When you are creating your own library, typescript will check your package.json 1)

The resolution is:

  • First check the optional types field in
  • Then the “main” field,
  • and finally will try index.d.ts in the root.
Package.json Location of default .d.ts
No “types” field checks “main”, then index.d.ts
“types”: “main.d.ts” main.d.ts
“types”: “./dist/main.js” or “./dist/main.d.ts” ./dist/main.d.ts

If absent, then “main” is used

Package.json Location of default .d.ts
No “main” field index.d.ts
“main”:“index.js” index.d.ts
“main”:“./dist/index.js” ./dist/index.d.ts

For dependency libraries

In case of dependency or external libraries, if the library is not shipping the type declaration files, you can always try to find and install a typings package.

This is a package that ships only the type declaration files. They are generally created by a third party.

Example for the lodash library

yarn add @types/lodash --dev
// or
npm install -S @types/lodash

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