Typescript - Global Declaration - How to declare a global variable


typescript has only knowledge of its own script on not of its environment.

If you use third library, you need to declare it globally.


Global Augmentation inside a module

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On a window object

declare global {
    interface Window { jQuery: any; }
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// Declare global constant
declare global {
    interface Window {
        __ezconsent: any;


declare var page: String;

global-modifying module

import {Browser, Page} from "puppeteer";

declare global {
    /*~ Here, declare things that go in the global namespace, or augment
     *~ existing declarations in the global namespace
    interface String {
        fancyFormat(opts: StringFormatOptions): string;
    const browser: Browser;
    const page: Page;

* lodash

import _ from 'lodash'; 

declare global { 
    //Example global constant for libraries served via webpack externals. example webpack config:: externals: { _: 'lodash' }
    //This assumes lodash was already load in DOM for example in <head> via CDN link before main.js is loaded.
    const _: typeof _; 

    //example of custom types
    type JSONPrimitive = string | number | boolean | null;
    type JSONValue = JSONPrimitive | JSONObject | JSONArray;
    type JSONObject = { [member: string]: JSONValue };

    //example of custom interface
    interface JSONArray extends Array<JSONValue> {}

global library definition


Missing import statement

you can either turn off the inspection (Inspection profile | JavaScript | Node.js | Missing require() statement)

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