Javascript - Call method

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Calls (executes) a function and sets its this to the provided value

if the function has not be binded

, arguments can be passed as they are.

call(this) gives the ability to pass the current context (scope)


Hello World

let nico = {
    name: "Nico",
    greet: function() {
        console.log("Hello ";

// Outputs: "Change the world",

// The world 
let world = {
    name: "world"

// bind this of the call function to the world object
// hello world; 


var boundFn = function () {
  return this.x;
}; {x: 20} ); // 20


var x = 20
var boundFn = function () {
  return this.x;
}; this ); // 20

Bind and Call

Let op: Bind and Call

var boundFn = function () {
  return this.x;
}.bind( {x: 10} );
boundFn(); // 10 {x: 20} ); // still 10

Documentation / Reference

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