Javascript - Coercion


Data Type - Coercion (ie Type Conversion) in Javascript

Policy: Make the conversions explicit and use the strict equality operator.


Operators such as if, ||, and && accept any values thanks to the Truthiness/Falsiness coercion. See Javascript - Boolean (Truthy|Falsy)

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Javascript - Boolean (Truthy|Falsy)

in Javascript. JavaScript defines a list of specific values that are considered “falsy” because when coerced to a boolean, they become false. Any other value not on the “falsy” list is automatically...
Javascript - Equality

Loss Equality A loss equality will not check the type of the value and will perform a coercion before checking the equality. A strict equality will also check the type of the value.
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Most programming languages have several types of numeric data, but JavaScript gets away with just one. All numbers are and are stored as doubles. See also': 32 bit 53 bit - the max of double-precision...
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Type in Javascript Javascript is not static typed but it exist Javascript wrapper language that implements it. See Only values have types in JavaScript; variables are just simple containers for those...

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