Javascript - Iterator


In Javascript, an iterator is an iterator


An object has an iterator when it has:

  • a property named Symbol.iterator that return an object that implement the iterator interface. ie with:
    • a next function that returns an object called the IteratorResult with the following properties:
      • value - the returned value
      • done - a boolean that return true when this is no more element to return ( - if any.
    • [optional] a return function that returns the same IteratorResult than the next function. This function is called when:
      • the iteration reaches the last value,
      • or is stopped by a break


How to create an iterator

var Fib = {
 [Symbol.iterator]() {
     var n1 = 1, n2 = 1;
     return {
         next() {
             var current = n2;
             n2 = n1;
             n1 = n1 + current;
             return { value: current, done: false };
         return(v) {
             return { value: v, done: true };
for (var v of Fib) {
    console.log( v );
    if (v > 50) break;

How to read an iterator

Example with FormData

  • Building the iterator object
let formData = new FormData();
formData.append('username', 'Foo');
formData.append('age', '10');


The For over the object implementing an iterator

console.log("For loop");
for (let entry of formData) {
    console.log( entry );


The while iteration over the iterator

console.log("While loop");
let it = formData.entries();
let result =;
while (!result.done) {
 result =;


The foreach iteration over the iterator

console.log("For Each");
// value and key should be inverted
formData.forEach((value, key)=>{


Documentation / Reference

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