Dojo (Dojo Toolkit)


dojo 1) is a framework based around the AMD module and specification that provides:


Charting With Dojo

Example: 3)

  • Add the dojo library in your HTML page
<script src=""></script>
  • The html where the graph will be rendered
<div id="chartOne"></div>
  • Run
require(["dojox/charting/Chart", "dojox/charting/axis2d/Default", "dojox/charting/plot2d/StackedAreas", "dojox/charting/themes/Wetland" , "dojo/ready"],
  function(Chart, Default, StackedAreas, Wetland, ready){
      var c = new Chart("chartOne");
      c.addPlot("default", {type: StackedAreas, tension:3})
        .addAxis("x", {fixLower: "major", fixUpper: "major"})
        .addAxis("y", {vertical: true, fixLower: "major", fixUpper: "major", min: 0})
        .addSeries("Series A", [1, 2, 0.5, 1.5, 1, 2.8, 0.4])
        .addSeries("Series B", [2.6, 1.8, 2, 1, 1.4, 0.7, 2])
        .addSeries("Series C", [6.3, 1.8, 3, 0.5, 4.4, 2.7, 2])

Loading and using a third party library: bower.js to print your browser

  • Add the dojo library in your HTML page
<script src=""></script>
  • Require
require([''], function(bowser) {
   const browser = bowser.getParser(window.navigator.userAgent);
   console.log(`Your browser name is "${browser.getBrowserName()}"`);

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