Javascript - Script


A Javascript script is script file with a js extension.



A browser script is a run that is run by the browser where Javascript is:

In browser, the following javascript features are implemented:


A node script runs in Node (ie on the server or on a laptop)

In Node, the following javascript features are implemented:

Other engine

Or in any other engine

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Browser - Javascript

javascript script in the browser Javascript code can be executed via the script html tag via the eval function that evaluates a string as javascript ...
Browser - Userscript (user.js)

userscript are javascript script that are stored on the browser side and that can run: * via an * or via the devtool * : ViolentMonkey * : Greasemonkey *...
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accept is a request header that specify the mimes type of the response body that are accepted by the client (ie browser) If no Accept header field is present, then it is assumed that the client accepts...
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eval evaluates a javascript expression (ie a javascript string) and therefore can eval a script Most functions have access to the scope where they are defined, and nothing else. But eval has access...
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functionality in Javascript. A module is different from a script file because: it defines a well-scoped object that does not pollute the global namespace. It list explicitly its dependencies Javascript...
Javascript - Module Loader (Script Loader)

A loader searches and loads module and script into the javascript engine (environment). From the main script, they will: create a dependency graph from the require and import statement find them...
Media resources are images, JavaScript, CSS, or fonts

Media resources are resources that are embedded into an page. They are from the following type: images, Script (JavaScript), CSS stylesheets, fonts iframes, videos. audio Or external...
Node - script (Javascript)

in the node engine. Javascript file are generally in the src, lib, or dist directory commander To run the below script with the node engine: At the command line Runkit Playground:...
Resources - Static Resources

Static resources are resources that don't need to be generated. They are file found in a local file system served by a web http server as the body of a response. The type of file returns is given by...

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