Javascript - How to debug Javascript remotely from IDEA in Chrome/Firefox


This page shows you how to debug Javascript remotely from IDEA in Chrome/Firefox.


Prerequisites / Configuration

Chrome/Firefox Extension

Idea Built In Web Server

  • Configure it in the chrome extension. If the default port of the built-in server (63342) is already bound (for instance, if some IDE is already running) the next free port is used (usually 63343).

Idea Chrome Extension Options

Idea Plugin

Idea Plugin Javascript Debugger


In the run/debug windows, before starting the run, you need to map the first part of the URL (https://hostname:port) to the location in your project.

Idea Javascript Debug Run Configuration


When starting a run debug, you can see by opening the devtool (F12) that the debug session in the browser is in sync with the debug session inside IDEA.

  • The debug session in the browser

Idea Chrome Debug Session Started

  • The debug session in IDEA

Idea Debug Session Javascript


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