Javascript - Web API (Browser Builtin API )


The Web API is a collection of javascript function (API) that a browser implements.

It implements:

This is the browser builtin API and one main component of the web.

Documentation / Reference

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Browser - (Window | Tab) (Javascript Global scope)

window: is a javascript object that represents a tab in the whole browser that render a document. is the javascript global scope for the variable in the browser. is part of the web api holds the...
Browser - DOM Web Api

The DOM Web API is a part of the Web Api that implements the DOM API in the browser to manipulate the DOM representation of a Web Page. This API made possible to manipulate programmatically Web Page (in...
Browser - Document variable (DOM) - Javascript

In a browser, the document is: a DOM document (in-memory tree) of a XML document (generally a HTML dom document) The document is provided by the browser via its DOM webapi (Not by the Javascript...
Browser - Drag and drop

drag and drop where a user may select draggable elements with a mouse, drag those elements to a droppable element, and drop them by releasing the mouse button ...
Formdata Browser Devtool
Browser - FormData (Web API )

FormData is a web api object that represent the data of a form that should be send if the form is submited. Therefore if you have a checkbox that is not checked, formdata will not collect it. You can...
Browser - History API

API The history api is a browser api that permits to modify the URL history (ie the URL in the browser bar) It's heavily used in a single page application to improve SEO in order to send a signal...
Scroll Bar
Browser - Scroll

This page is scrolling in the internet context (http, html, javascript). Scrolling is implemented by the browser in response to: user interaction (scrollbar, click) or Javascript code. Via...
Browser - Storage (Client Side Data)

client side data in the browser cookie local storage Secure or sensitive data should not be stored persistently in browser data stores as they should be treated as insecure storage....
Chrome Devtool Xhr Fetch Request
Browser - Web API - Fetch function

The fetch function is part of the web api function and is a AJAX call. It's one of the possibilities to fetch a resource. XMLHttpRequest (XHR) The fetch function returns a promise as response. The Fetch...
Browser Local Storage Devtool
Browser - Web API - Local Storage

Window/localStorage of the web api is a browser/client side data storage mechanism. The localStorage property allows you to access a local Storage object and therefore it implements all the function of...

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