Code - Exception (Try, Catch, Finally statement)

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Exceptions are a means of breaking out of the normal flow of control of a code block in order to:

Error tracking

You may want to track and see the exceptions that occur live in your application.

For that, there is exception tracking platforms


At the CPU level, they are known and implemented as exception: Instruction - Exception

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and in Ansible rescue of a block doc The error will not be counted as a failure.
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A failure is when the system as a whole stops providing the required service to the user. It's generally caused by an exception not caught.
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in the DOM. To throw a TimeoutError exception, a user agent would construct a DOMException object whose type was the string “TimeoutError” (and whose code was the number 23, for legacy reasons)...
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An error is an exceptional conditions that breaks the normal flow For Shell language that are based on process command, the error management is done via the Error code / exit status For an block,...
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This page is exception handling In React. When an non-catched javascript error occurs: React remove its UI (ie stop rendering the tree) from the screen. And show a special component known as error...
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