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Comments are the code document.

They should explain why, not what. They can optionally explain how if what’s written is particularly confusing.



// This is a single-line comment 

/* But this 
           is a multiline

var a = /* It can also appears in the middle of an expression */ 42;


How to suppress comments with a regular expression

In javascript with the Replace function.

text = "// My beautiful comment\r\nmy beautiful code\r\n";
text = text.replace(/^[/]{2}[^\r\n]+[\r\n]+/mg, "");


  • The regexp pattern can be read as:
    • ^ - the start of the pattern
    • [/]{2}: two backslashes
    • [^\r\n]: All characters excepts the end of line \r\n. The ^ character is a negation in a class.
    • + is a quantifier meaning one or more

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