Language - Reusable Block

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Re-usability in code.

A reusable block is a block of code that have a name and therefore can be called (ie reused) with parameters


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Code - (Programming|Computer) Language

how the language is structured (grammar), how to name things you want to talk (vocabulary), and the customary and effective ways to say everyday things (usage). ...Grammarvocabularycommunity...B00B8V09HYEffective...
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Code - Grammar / Syntax (Lexical)

This section regroups the entity of a computer language from a lexical point of view. It's the same as Parts of the speech for a natural language. Grammars are useful models when designing software...
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Code - Reusable (Duplicate) - Program Structure

A powerful concept in most modern programming languages is the ability to group code into reusable units. Reusable units are: programs or block of codes that can be called (ie have a name) Reusability...
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Design - Single responsibility principle

The single responsibility principle says that a (function or object) should ideally only do one thing. If it ends up growing, it should be decomposed into smaller subcomponents. Single_responsibility_principle...
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Language - Anonymous Block

An anonymous block is a block of code without name that then cannot be called (ie reused). The statements are between block character such as: ( and ) or { and } An anonymous block in java-script:...
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Language - Code Block (Grouping of Statement)

An application is generally constructed from code blocks. A block is a piece of program text that group statement. It' is generally executed as a unit (excepted for SQL Block where block manipulation...
Language Hierarchy
Language - Hierarchy

Language have a hierarchy that can be measured on how far they are from the programmable hardware. When you are programming, you are finding yourself building block of code that you can reuse. Language...
React - Component (User-defined Element)

A component is a user-defined react element in the React tree. Components let you split the UI into independent, reusable pieces, and think each piece in isolation. Conceptually, components are like...

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