DOM - DOM Exception


Code - Exception (Try, Catch, Finally statement) in the DOM.


To throw a TimeoutError exception, a user agent would construct a DOMException object whose type was the string “TimeoutError” (and whose code was the number 23, for legacy reasons) and actually throw that object as an exception.


They are all defined in the DOM specification.

Error Number Description
1 IndexSizeError
3 HierarchyRequestError
4 WrongDocumentError
5 InvalidCharacterError
7 NoModificationAllowedError
8 NotFoundError
9 NotSupportedError
11 InvalidStateError
12 SyntaxError
13 InvalidModificationError
14 NamespaceError
15 InvalidAccessError
18 SecurityError
19 NetworkError
20 AbortError
21 URLMismatchError
22 QuotaExceededError
23 TimeoutError
24 InvalidNodeTypeError
25 DataCloneError

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