How to make the difference between a Swipe/Drag vs Click/Tap event

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The difference between a swipe/drag and a click is the distance traveled by the mouse.

To make the difference between a swipe and a click event:

  • we locate the mouse at the mousedown event
  • we locate the mouse at the mouseup event
  • we make the difference. If the difference is small, this is a click otherwise, this a a drag/swipe.


  • Variables
let startX; // start Y coordinate of the mouse
let startY; // start Y coordinate of the mouse
let element = document.querySelector('a'); // The listener element with an area
  • On the mousedown, capture the start coordinates
element.addEventListener("mousedown", event => {  
   startX = event.pageX;
   startY = event.pageY;
  • On the mouseup, capture the end coordinates and determine if it's a click/tap or swipe/drag
element.addEventListener("mouseup", event => {  
  const diffX = Math.abs(event.pageX - startX);
  const diffY = Math.abs(event.pageY - startY);
  let eventType;
  let delta = 6;
  if (diffX < delta && diffY < delta) {
      eventType = `Click of ${diffX}px on X`;
  } else {
     eventType = `Swipe of ${diffX}px on X`;
  console.log(`It was a ${eventType}`);
  • The HTML
<a>Click or swipe in the area</a>
  • We stop the default (ie navigate away) of a click on a anchor.
element.addEventListener("click", event => { event.preventDefault(); } );

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