How to create your own custom event type (Javascript, DOM)?

Devtool Chrome Event Listener


This page shows you how you can create your own event type.



Creation of the callback function executed when the event dispatch

In this step, we create the HTML and the code that will be called when the event is fired/dispatched.

  • This utility function is used to print a node id
function getNodeId(node){
  let nodeId = node.nodeName;
  if ("id" in node){
     nodeId += "#";
  return nodeId.toLowerCase();
  • The HTML that we use where javascript will run.
<p>Hello <span id="world">world</span>!</p>
function eventCallback(e) {
     console.log("Target: "+getNodeId(;
     console.log("Current Target: "+getNodeId(e.currentTarget));
     console.log("Event Phase: "+e.eventPhase);

Add the event listeners

let eventName = "myEvent";
  • Add two listeners on document and body that executes the callback for this event
document.addEventListener(eventName , eventCallback, {capture: true})
document.body.addEventListener(eventName , eventCallback)

Create the event and dispatch it

  • Create the event and dispatch it against the span world element
var myEvent = new Event(eventName, {bubbles:true})


The two listeners will execute their callback function.

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