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This page is about the events that are fired when a selection of text occurs



The select event 1) occurs when a user selects some text in form controls when their text selection is adjusted (whether by an API or by the user).

In HTML5, select events occurs only on form controls:

The select event is fired on the mouseup after the selection of text.


<textarea cols=50 rows=5>
Select this text, one letter at a time 
and see that the element is fired on mouseup
<p>Select this text in a p element and see that the <mark>select</mark> event is not fired</p>
  console.log('The select event has fired')


See the dedicated page: What is the selectstart DOM event with examples and howto's in Javascript?


When the selection object has changed, the selectionchange 2) is fired.


  • The text to select
  <li id="node-1">Select this text, one letter at a time to see the selectionchange event usage</li>
  <li id="node-2">Click on it and see the event firing</li>
  <li id="node-3">Select multiple line and see the offset</li>
  • The javascript that logs information when the event fires.
  let selection = document.getSelection();
  let range = `(${selection.anchorNode.parentNode?.id}, offset ${selection.anchorOffset}) to (${selection.focusNode.parentNode?.id}, offset ${selection.focusOffset})`;
  let collapsed = selection.isCollapsed ? 'Collapsed' : 'Not Collapsed';
  switch (selection.type) {
     case 'Caret':
     case 'Range':
     case 'None':
  console.log(`Selection has changed: Type: ${selection.type}, ${range}, ${collapsed}`)
  console.log(`  You selected ${selection.toString()}`)
  • Result:

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